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NEW: NYT Finally Speaks Out for Assange, Ukraine Tells NATO to Ramp Up Weapons Production, and More via @DeCampDave @Antiwarcom #SupportIndependentMedia

@SabbySabs2 setting up another potential scapegoat AGAIN given the possibility they lose 2024? Only reason I could see a Clinton-affiliated DNC-friendly media would flip. The intel state still does NOT want anyone to talk about this. Also, the NYT whitewashes Ukraine Nazis so F them

NEW: Europe Furious at Biden Administration, NATO Stockpiles 'Tapped Out' From Arming Ukraine, and More via @DeCampDave @Antiwarcom #SupportIndependentMedia

Starting in a few!!! Pilots & Amazon Workers Speak | Orf & Matt Taibbi CENSORED | Ukraine DARK/ @HowDidWeMissTha #60 @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews via @YouTube censors facts

NEW: Serbia, Albanian refugees to UK, Russia, Ukraine, fake news - the weekly news round up. via @VanessaBeeley #SupportIndependentMedia

11/15: US Tells Ukraine It Doesn't Need to Talk With Russia, Xi to Biden: Tensions Benefit No One | Julian Assange Activists | America Is A Mafia State Run By Democrats & Republicans on Indie Media Today

NEW: FTX Scam Involved Ukraine & Democrats In Money Laundering Scheme Says Internet @jimmy_dore @miserablelib The Jimmy Dore Show #SupportIndependentMedia

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