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Yet another important thread on defeating Russia in Ukraine by Gen. Mick Ryan, @WarintheFuture

The power grid is being destroyed kinetically. But Ukraine's hackers themselves can cause the destruction of Russia's banking system digitally.

Yes, with Macron in the name of the EU, without consulting with members bordering Russia or Ukraine. An idea shot down after CEE read about it in a @FT leak and Estonian PM @kajakallas was the one to stand up to the two of them at the @EUCouncil Why doesn't CEE trust Germany?

U.S. scrambles to reassure Ukraine after Milley comments on negotiations - POLITICO

For Russia to have a chance at a liberal, democratic future, @anneapplebaum writes, Putin must lose the war in Ukraine, and his empire must die:

Jake Sullivan's press gaggle. OK, let's now move on from the whole US pressuring Ukraine to negotiate brouhaha.

I much prefer these NATO promo videos to the kumbaya stuff they put out before Russia invaded Ukraine. Music much better too.

@AmbDanFried No surprise. After all, Russian aggression against Ukraine began after a public revolt when Yanokovich reneged on his promise to sign the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Invading Ukraine in 2014 wasn't about NATO. Ukraine just wanted an AA with the EU. A civilizational choice

.@yarotrof gets what Western policy-makers don't. I am beginning to think the latter understand neither Ukraine nor democratic governance. Their ignorance and delusional arrogance is astounding.

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