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Ikid Sanz
A Zimbabwean artist born singing afrobeat gospel and Afrojazz fusion # Founder of Mission Vision Movement
Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
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@blixaddix @PourBoysocial @AlbertD46309572 @OlenaHalushka @cdegwenzi Russia, America, Britain and China are superpowers, they are fraid of each other, Ukraine share boarder with Russia, if Ukraine becomes friend with America and Britain it's obvious that Russia will be threatened and will be also vulnerable to their attacks, it's like when your

@Gandalfswand @Alkiemam @OlenaHalushka @cdegwenzi I respect those who are sacrificing their lives to save their nation [Ukraine], my argument was on leaders who failed to reach a concensus to safeguard lives of many

@Alkiemam @OlenaHalushka @cdegwenzi Nato isn't there to help Ukraine but to exploit , now they are watching Ukrainians perishing, doing nothing, sending armory without soldiers, Ukraine must fold because Russia is very big and there's no way they are going to defeat them

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