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@arestovych has a strong pro-Israel position, and thank him for that. But Ukraine better do something with its UN ambassador, it's ridiculous.

@AmericanPolit76 @RLHeinrichs Ukraine can buy as much as they want or as mach as they can? There is a difference, you know.

@CaptainRanz @dingobabyboy @GarySpedding @YosephHaddad @Doylech ++ Not relevant to the discussion, but funny as you try to avoid answering the question by putting all the blame on Israel, including some collaboration with alleged neo-Nazis in Ukraine. You seem not bothered that Iran is selling weapons to Russia, though. Tells a lot about you

@yaniv_mazin @MelvinSmiley80 @LahavHarkov I have no poll data, but I can estimate smth on a couple of Russian-speaking FB groups. Most are on Ukraine side.

@DotPavaa @david58228121 Oh, so it's a "dream of genocide" crime now, right? I bet you can find a couple of Israeli politicians who speak about it, as well as some number of radical Israelis. And? In Ukraine, there are some real Nazi in there, if you dig deep enough. Does this mean Putin has a point?

Ex-military commander of Donbas "separatists" in 2014, Igor Girkin, is at the frontline, again. Ukraine is ready to pay for his captivity.

Somehow, when it turned out the world's richest person supervises the money he spends, many people forgot he has helped operatively just being asked for help, when no Western gov hasn't virtually helped yet. Starlink became a game-changer in Ukraine. This worth a lot.

@StewartMills @kohbas_spear @RuslanSmith1 @YishaiFleisher Your tweets are at least 90% about Israel/Palestine. Even recently, when there are clearly more important things going on, like in Ukraine or Iran, you seem very little bothered by them. Don't you think you have to do something with your I/P obsession?

I don't expect Putin may be convinced to withdraw from Ukraine. But some new exhange of POWs is much appreciated.

@markleehill1963 @LvivTyler @Freespe83912197 It is a well known fact that Russia uses several times less ammo a day in recent months than during the beginning of the war. Also, Russians have to keep their supplies at distances several times longer than they used to before Ukraine got HIMARS.

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