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Angry small woman from a small town. Dinosauring. Hoarding. Decade living with beloved woman. My DSD
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@USSR2Europe So I would not really call that they originated in Ukraine - it is like saying that England originated in Roman Empire. Muscovite roots are from GoldenHorde,as it is when they became separate entity & where they got all the power,methods & with whom they started their invasions.

Such an imperialist mindset. They believe that because they once occupied Ukraine,it always must belong to them & that it is still their territories that are populated with traitors and that world is wrong by recognizing Ukraine as separate state and not as part of Russian Empire

@_walt_1 @visegrad24 First Chechen war was pre-Putin, thought. And it also started with genocide (carpet bombing of capital city at 23:00 at 31th of December). And before that was Afganistan war. Plus Russia tries to subjugate/destroy Ukraine every 30-70 years for last ~350 years.

@_walt_1 @esharp73 @visegrad24 Thought, if Russia not started their agresson against Ukraine in early 2000s (esp with Tulza-island and gas wars) - Ukraine could be like Belarus today.

@_walt_1 @esharp73 @visegrad24 Yeah, if they were still "only Crimea" and blackmailing Ukraine with Russian "mini-war" in Donbas - Ukraine would still be a hostage and dependent. But now big war changes everything.

@esharp73 @_walt_1 @visegrad24 The only way USA may be guilty - is that they not took Ukraine to NATO. If Ukraine was in NATO - then no war would happen. But Ukraine was denied joining NATO,so Russia felt free to attack and annex territories and to start genocide - so did what Russia was threatening for years.

@_walt_1 @visegrad24 If there was not Putin but someone else - war would still be started. Maybe later,maybe earlier,maybe there would be no cleptocracy and their military would be more trained,so they would do genocide better. Hatred towards Ukraine started before Putin. And imperialist mindset too.

@BasedWarszawa @ToastWarmFire @AnnaPartisanka You know, it is like Amnesty International, when they basically said "Russia did 9001 bad things to POWs, and Ukraine did 2 bad things to POWs, Ukraine allows us to check POWs, but Russia is not. So Russia and Ukraine are equally bad, as both did bad things to POWs!".

@marks_lyons @G_Mielnikiewicz @moutet @FaustLibertus @olex_scherba @LvivDiary Right now the only thing we should remember is that every time Ukraine and Poland were together - they burned Moscow, but every time Ukraine and Poland were against each other - Moscow enslaved them both. The rest can be disputed after the victory, like civilized people.

@BasedWarszawa @ToastWarmFire @AnnaPartisanka Plus in general - batallion is 600-900 people. Ukraine is 44 millions, Ukrainian military was around 250 thousands. So you are making no sense. Why doing "both sides" during this war, when Russian side is thousands times worse and bigger? You can't just equate both as "the same".

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