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I鈥檝e honestly lost track of how many billions we鈥檝e sent to Ukraine. Meanwhile, it鈥檚 perfectly ok for US citizens to live without potable water. U.S. military aid to Ukraine grows to historic proportions 鈥 along with risks by @alicesperi

@NydiaVelazquez Stop sending money to Ukraine. Stop approving astronomical military budgets.

@Whey_standard 鈥淶elensky rules much like his adversary, the universally denounced Putin. Zelensky shut down all opposition media in Ukraine,then banned opposition political parties. He declared that Russia would have to kill every single citizen of Kyiv to get to him...鈥

@Whey_standard The problem for you is that I actually know a few people in the Ukraine too. What part is a lie? Can you elaborate? The people I know each have some differing opinions, but we more or less agree about the basic understanding of what鈥檚 been happening since 2014

@Whey_standard Here鈥檚 a good explanation of Nazism, especially as it refers to Ukraine, you idiot.

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