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Recent fighting across #Ukraine has destroyed essential infrastructure, leaving millions of people with limited access to water and electricity. Affecting the most vulnerable the hardest. Under the rules of war, civilians and civilian infrastructure must be protected. https://t.co/0erkkJkGfE

Recurrent attacks against essential civilian infrastructure in the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict are: 鉃★笍 disrupting access to key services 鉃★笍 causing major civilian suffering 鉃★笍 making people more vulnerable to lower temperatures Our statement 猬囷笍 https://t.co/xAladwEF7j

As winter nears, thousands affected by the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict need support. After months of fighting, people like Maria and her husband are struggling to heat their home. We are providing financial support to families like theirs to prepare for the months ahead. https://t.co/jzQBAkGfxz

Since February, we have been working around the clock to respond to the Russia-Ukraine international armed conflict. As winter nears, we鈥檙e working to ensure that people have access to the essentials like food, water and heating. Some of our work so far 猬囷笍 https://t.co/AgxJVF81Yy

For prisoners of war and their loved ones, keeping in touch is an emotional lifeline. Families call @ICRC to send words of love and hope to their loved ones, held in the Russia-Ukraine international armed conflict. Like this message 猬囷笍 https://t.co/XUUurme75J

The lives, integrity, and well-being of prisoners of war are of utmost importance. And we must be able to visit them wherever they are held. Statement on POWs held in the international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine: 猬囷笍 https://t.co/nziSDGrAHe

We share the frustration regarding our lack of access to all prisoners of war held in the Ukraine-Russia international armed conflict. We鈥檝e been working since February to obtain access to check on conditions & treatment of POWs and keep families informed about loved ones.

Our teams are delivering assistance all across #Ukraine to respond to the humanitarian needs of communities affected by the conflict.

The impact of the recent attacks across Ukraine, and the armed conflict overall, continue to have the largest effect on the most vulnerable. All possible measures must be taken to protect and spare civilian life and essential infrastructure. 馃憞https://t.co/QFELFAn3l2

CLARIFICATION: Given the security situation in #Ukraine today, our teams momentarily paused movements, sheltered and continued to work in place. Our full schedule of humanitarian assistance will resume immediately as the security situation allows.

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