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Illia Ponomarenko 馃嚭馃嚘
Defense reporter with The Kyiv Independent. War, weapons, beer & heavy metal. A village guy from Don
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
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This is Guerrilla Radio with you again, and this track is going out to absolutely everyone donating to help Ukraine bring this war to an end. The good and love always prevail.

Note: the point is not that this guy is German, but that he鈥檚 a foreigner so touchingly eager to stand for Ukraine (just to clarify)

The year is 2022, Ukraine is fighting a Russian invasion, and a German guy donates $100 to help cure wounded Ukrainian soldiers, and he sends a message with his donation: 鈥淪lava Ukraini!鈥 That鈥檚 life鈥!

Given the stunning rush and mayhem behind the Russian general mobilization and fresh Ukrainian progress in Donbas 鈥 things with the Russian military in Ukraine *may* be much worse than what we鈥檙e assessing now. Absolutely not a reason to ease up now though.

Some in media: 鈥淭he world is growing tired of the Ukraine war after 7 months.鈥 Meanwhile, the world: Donates over $20,000 within just one working day to a Ukrainian dude to help cure Azovstal soldiers. Let鈥檚 keep it rolling on 鈦@PayPal鈦:

Well, well, well! What do we see here? Over $10,000 fundraised within like 2 hours or so. Together, we鈥檒l do a lot of good things in 馃嚭馃嚘Ukraine. Please keep donating to help heal Azovstal defenders via PayPal:

What happened to all those anonymous officials quoted by media that were so worried Ukraine smuggled Western-provided weapons and equipment to the Middle East?

A BBC investigation proves that those dark web posts 鈥渟elling鈥 US-donated weapons from Ukraine were fake. What a surprise, wow, wow, shocking.

Oh, now it鈥檚 @jordanbpeterson who is the guy we go for military analysis on Ukraine and Russia. Sometimes, it just makes sense to stay in one鈥檚 field of knowledge to avoid looking silly and then seeing all those wise predictions fail miserably.

The most ridiculous thing about the Russian 鈥渞eferenda鈥 in occupied Ukraine is that everyone knows the only possible 鈥渞esult鈥 in advance. Russians know this is absolute shit show, we know this, people in the occupied zones know it 鈥 but they鈥檙e doing this anyway.

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