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Ethnic Wolga-German and Ukrainian. Not a big fan of Stalin . Can speak German,Ukrainian,Russian, Chi
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@Auslnder6 @MemoriesOT @squatsons With what actually. You have not made one single argument besides posting a crackpipe. I know its hard to accept but it will happen. Ukraine can fight as much as they want, but when support dries out the party ends too. Sooner or later.

@Auslnder6 @squatsons Oh yes true, therefore as you can see there is no rush. Russia has already won the war by attrition. Ukraine 100% depends on the West. The EU can maybe do this one Winter, but not a second or third one.

One Ukrainian source Claims that Ukraine lost ca. 45% of their Equipment in Autumn. So reality might be arround 60%. Multiple papers wrote that even US stocks are running dangerously low. Ukraine might be loosing the Edge very soon. Situation reminds me of Moscow in WW2.

@chrisjj @WarMonitors Ukraine will benefit more by punishing the people who did it with prison time. Especially since the Killers are all known figures in Ukraine who publish their footages regulary online. But it will never happen.

@OrkishAmerican @DefensePolitics I would argue its much more than 100k. But this is not a problem since the West covers the Ukrainian state and funds, at least for now. Sure Ukraine will never recover from this in demographics and economically. The normal rules of war-economic don't apply anymore.

@marmar_ae @powerfultakes @sbobkov You know you can Stop the train and simply take a Truck after that. Ukraine is huge. It would be impossible to close logistics

@marmar_ae @powerfultakes @sbobkov Problem is: Kherson only 2 Bridges Rest of Ukraine a lot more and you could Always Take another route.

What is a japs doing in Ukraine lol.

@MarkSleboda1 Its actually good for the russians. Nato and Ukraine did Not have any information for a retreat it seems. This proofs how capeable Surovikin is. Now we have lost but this is bitter-sweet.

The sign that the war is over/lost. Russia wants to negotiate at any cost. But Ukraine will decline and push for total victory. I dont want to know how dire it looks behind the curtains.

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