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David Pax
Jeg er for demokrati og menneskerettigheder, retsstaten og ytringsfriheden. Jeg er imod diktatur, po
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@thehill LOL 馃ぁ. US weapons in Ukraine is bad but US troops in Mexico is fine?!

@grabancijas @RFERL When the USSR broke up people in Ukraine were asked if they wanted to live in Ukraine. No regions wanted to leave and join Russia. Even Crimea. https://t.co/4jGe5Burrb

@apmassaro3 @azov_media @TheGandalf4308 @BohdanKrotevych You know that every time this nazi inspired symbol shows up, Ukraine will have a longer way joining the EU? I am sure that most people in the Azov movement don't like the way the EU treats LGBT and immigrants.

@apmassaro3 Germany doesn't produce jets and can't prevent other countries from giving jets to Ukraine.

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