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Sara Ari Huizenga馃尫馃嚭馃嚥 馃嚭馃嚘
American Christian for a #FreeSyria - Ally of #Israel #PutinOffEarth #NoIranDeal #NoFundingTerror #
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@JuliaDavisNews @PaulSweeneyYYZ Don't mix Ukraine in with our bad economy and trans kids hysteria - NOT HELPFUL!

@JamesGRickards @DimensionEQ Exactly how is it in America's benefit to publicly condemn Ukraine and defend Russia?

@JohnJDelia1 @Moshepupik1 Iran, Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan - facts are that the Trump, who wanted states, not the federal government, to have more power, was a terrible option and yet still a safer bet. Also, thank God for our courts who also had the power to overrule his greatest insanity.

"Why America help Ukraine and not us?! No fair - I go rage more!" 馃ぁ馃く馃槕馃槕

@m_a_salloum @samboosa_a They want the people they oppress and slaughter to define themselves as enemies of Free nations. Because if they were instead viewed as allies - well, look at Ukraine.

@UNWatch @AasaRaiko @UKRinIsrael @UKRinUN I completely support Ukraine, but it's also pretty disturbing that it took until TODAY for them to suspend diplomatic relations with Syria's Mafi Regime #ASSad too!! 馃く馃槕

Ukraine has worked its ass off to gain the support it has. They recognize that they must foremost prove themselves as an Ally prior to expecting anything. Logical lead to follow. Whining doesn't work.

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