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@jacksonhinklle According to Australian news, all is well. The Russians are running for their lives. Ukraine is winning.

@MissJacque_line @Spidmonkey Australian news report that Ukraine is winning every day.

@DagnyTaggart369 @VanessaBeeley Agree. Zelensky is a toast (deservedly). Next step: Polish army enters Ukraine, trying to get as much territory as possible. There will be no resistance by the Ukrainians. Then a marionette Ukrainian state will be formed to continue serving the US interests.

@DagnyTaggart369 The only way Ukraine can stop any further advance of the Russians is to offer a voluntary annexation of its territory to Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. If they let those states advance fast, there is a chance of not all of Ukraine falling. German Nazis did that in 1945.

Woman at centre of 'The Block' scandal resurfaces in Ukraine

@walkawayAUS @catherine___c @AlboMP Good point. Another reason why all the pollies of the West are running with taxpayers billions to Ukraine.

I am 30 years out of the military - not an expert in modern warfare, I admit. Does anyone know how much HIMARS and other modern equipment need to be delivered to Ukraine to turn the war in their favour?

@Levi_godman All I needed to know about Ukraine is that they officially proclaimed one of the commanders of SS Nachtigall Battalion, a Hauptmann of the German Schutzmannschaft 201 auxiliary police battalion a National Hero. Hauptmann SS Roman Shukhevych.

@OMGTheMess I am afraid that Albo is trying to send the troops to Ukraine. NATO countries cannot do that because they are bound by the 'all for one' clause of the agreement. US masters could order Albo to try. Expect more 'atrocity propaganda' to prep the Australians when Albo is back.

@Mullet15807458 @catherine___c Total expenditure on this futile war in Ukraine reached $400 mln. All of it for a 20 seconds photo op with Zelensky.

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