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We are sending weapons to #Ukraine to fight a war against Russia. How far do we push #Russia before nuclear weapons are used? #WWIII

What changed? How will often needed maintenance be supported? Fuel? Replacement parts? American troops will be needed for the M1 #Abrams to be effective in #Ukraine

CAIRO, Jan 19. /TASS/. The United States is unwilling to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine due to high maintenance,operation costs, Sky News Arabia reported on Thursday,Pentagon source In addition, it will be "difficult to train [Ukrainian troops] on Abrams tanks before the spring."

I wonder if the #JoeBiden stolen documents refer to China and Ukraine? #BidenClassifiedDocuments

The #Ukraine 鈥渨ar鈥 is a scam. Politicians enriched, #Zelensky enriched, world de-stabilization, NWO de-population, US diminished, EU impoverished, Biden coverup. #RussiaUkraineWar

You鈥檙e misinformed. Research Ukraine elections, religion , on and on. Corrupt.

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