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Iran will help Russia build drones for Ukraine war, officials say - The Washington Post https://t.co/Vplhgw77lI

Russia is going to blame Ukraine and some will make the argument it was an accident. That's what Russia did with regard to Malaysian Airlines 17. We need the facts first and then a strong response in line with the incident.

It’s a nation of war criminal terrorists. Sorry but who wouldn’t root for Ukraine over these Russian monsters.

It is simply impossible not to cheer for Ukraine.

Ukraine has vanquished its invaders from Kherson. Beautiful.

One thing to remember is that these midterms are a defeat-by-extension for Putin and Russia. Even if the GOP takes the House, their control will be narrow, and as such, there is little chance aid to Ukraine will be defunded.

Russia Says It's Withdrawing From Kherson City: Russia-Ukraine War Live Updates - https://t.co/dWEplu1nF8

In my professional life, I write about people who risk life & limb to vote in other countries, hoping that the democracy dividend just might finally pay off. In Ukraine, people are fighting to hold onto their country. America: It is our turn. Be a #CitizenPatriot & vote Blue.

Ukraine war: West warned against complacency on air defence support Send Ukraine what it needs!!! https://t.co/Kpm6Th9mdE

There is no false advertising. Republicans will not fund Ukraine. Kremlin-GOP all the way.

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