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@SMGalbraith1 @janecoaston @michaelbd In the past, Putin had taken less action. The idea that opposition would grow less muted as he escalated from Georgia to Crimea to all of Ukraine is predictable. The fact that he moved from poising people in Russia to nerve gas attacks in the West was also an escalation.

@michaelbd @janecoaston Syria was a legitimate Civil War, with many large competing factions and very real difficulties ensuring aid against Assad wouldn't end up in ISIS hands. Despite some efforts to paint Azov into the ISIS role, there just isn't anything comparable to muddy up Qs of aid to Ukraine.

@PropterMalone @BusinessmanLego I don't know what Putin will survives and honestly neither does anyone else. Its probably a waste of time to try and second guess that, we should just ask what Ukraine will accept.

@TrueStoneCold @LibertyEthics The idea that people on left are against a diplomatic solution is Russian propaganda. Russia has been asked diplomatically to withdraw from Ukraine ad naseum. The issue is that vatniks keep demanding Ukraine surrender and call that diplomacy.

@ThomasHoufek @LibertyEthics @UncomfortablyN9 @Brian_Riedl Its a conspiracy stacked on top of various Hunter Biden conspiracies: that Democrats used Ukraine as a base for an international crime syndicate and now are only assisting them to help hide the evidence/or because Zelensky is blackmailing them. Coocoo Bananas shit.

@policytensor @AneeceColt @EricLevitz That would be a great zinger if the Cold War wasn鈥檛 over, but is, & any concern that NATO would have launched an invasion of Russia from Ukraine in the 21st century is equal parts laughable & unhinged.

@grain99806254 @tcddoyle @robrousseau You don鈥檛 have to but if you don鈥檛 *want* to cheer Ukraine you鈥檙e moral filth.

@1963Tikibus @RichardEHagen1 @SecDef Because the anti-aircraft systems the West gave Ukraine would wipe them out. Google MANPADS. Check footage from early in the war when Russia was trying to use their airplanes & helicopters. They got shot down.

@pearsonified @willchamberlain Ukraine is a democracy of 44 million people under assault from murderous, torturing genocidaires, and anyone who wouldn't help them when doing so costs as little as it costs us would be absolute filth.

@Amsterend @CeeWadoTheMayor @geiuseppe @BNONews US government bought the starling systems and sent them to Ukraine. Elon wouldn't have helped anyone stand up to Russia if it'd been up to him. He loves dictatorship!

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