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Hanna Liubakova
Journalist from Minsk, Belarus. Non-resident fellow @AtlanticCouncil. Media trainer. Formerly @RFERL
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The Belarusian fighter of the Kalinouski regiment showed the conditions under which they help defend #Ukraine https://t.co/VJcBh6kc9T

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Minsk @IhorKyzym thanked the citizens of Ukraine and Belarusians in #Belarus who honored the memory of the Holodomor victims. "I know that such candles were lit in many houses in Minsk and other cities of Belarus," he wrote on @facebook https://t.co/ngSBu7cfG1

I am surrounded by people who help both #Belarus and Ukraine. A community of journalists in one city crowdfunded to buy power banks for their colleagues in #Ukraine. It's a small thing but very concrete and helpful (and journos are not the richest folks). Unity also gives hope https://t.co/yV15nXbJHv

#Belarus The regime鈥檚 propaganda joined the Russian narrative by talking about the "provocation of the collective West." The director of pro-govt news agency BelTa said that "the Poles want to chop off Ukraine all the way to Lviv" & @ZelenskyyUa is a "hostage of Ukrainian Nazis" https://t.co/0jU9dXmpbA

Even if it was an interception, it should be clearly said that this would not have happened without Russia attacking Ukraine. This is a test for the West and it will define Russia's future actions. The West doesn't want to escalate. But #Russia proved to be the one that wants to https://t.co/rf313wIzIp

In October, Russia launched strikes on critical infrastructure in Ukraine, including in Lviv. Now, in November, Russia says that it hit no closer than 35 kilometers from the Polish border. I am not sure we can claim the Russian army to be competent and boast of precision. https://t.co/Rt1mnsa6or

Sadly, what happened was a question of time. Yesterday, Russia bombarded Ukrainian cities with about 100聽missiles. Moldova faced a power outage. A 鈥淩ussian-produced missile fell鈥 in Poland, killing two. Russia will now try to disrupt and blur the narrative, blaming #Ukraine https://t.co/0ugP1FHz7B

#Poland confirmed an 鈥瀍xplosion鈥 close to the border with Ukraine. 2 Polish citizens killed. Investigation is ongoing, combat readiness of some military units has been increased. Poland is checking whether NATO Treaty Art 4 should be triggered. There are consultations now

My sincere condolences to #Poland. Confirmed missiles or not, Russia must pay for this major escalation because it is the result of its today's massive strikes at #Ukraine. As a result, Polish citizens were also affected - deadly. The war spilled over the borders of Ukraine https://t.co/lxfCZV6VUX

Aliaksandr Patapau has lived in #Belarus since 1997 and has citizenship. Originally, he is from Ukraine though. When his daughter and niece died in #Ukraine, because of the war, he left a critical comment on social media. He was arrested and accused of "insulting" Lukashenka https://t.co/0AoHSPVCqG

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