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Hate Trump and Boris! My book He Said She Said is a collection of illustrated quotes by men and wome
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Desperate Putin orchestrates rally to distract from Ukraine invasion struggles - MSNBC https://t.co/jNUt6dTQA5

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Biden a ‘mob boss’ for helping Ukraine resist Putin’s invasion - The Independent https://t.co/Ou8cXvUzZn

Zelensky: Annexation of Ukraine "will not mean" what Russia hopes for - Axios https://t.co/VYoMAYneYA

Russians flee Putin's desperate draft operation to bolster failing Ukraine invasion - MSNBC https://t.co/B1IOfHCXSH

Defense & National Security — US to send Ukraine more rocket systems - The Hill https://t.co/Eyck9m9F0w

Ukraine war: Russians should 'rise up against regime', Donetsk governor says - Sky News https://t.co/joCzbyto6X

Ukraine news – live: Putin not bluffing about nuclear threats, says Zelensky - The Independent https://t.co/6zPv7kLguJ

Russia-Ukraine war latest: I don't think Putin is bluffing, says Zelensky - The Telegraph https://t.co/0lt7B136xG

Men flee Russia to avoid being drafted into Putin's war on Ukraine - MSNBC https://t.co/eeHsGntJIz

Ukraine war: Putin not bluffing about nuclear weapons, EU says - BBC News https://t.co/CSNfwVwcka

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