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RT 4 Oct 22 Delays in economic aid from the European Union to Ukraine are “unacceptable” and must be resolved to avert disaster, a senior Ukranian official warned, pointing to massive budget shortfalls as the EU approved another $4.9 billion (€5 billion) assistance package.

@tatianyc27 Even the word Ukraine in Russian sounds like Outskirt. No wonder they want to outlaw the language!

direct military assistance to Ukraine. Ruediger Koenig added that its members want to avoid a major war. I reckon!

RT 3 Oct 22 NATO ‘not obliged’ to assist Ukraine — German ambassador. Berlin’s envoy to the military bloc clarifies that NATO won’t actively fight for a non-member state. Germany’s permanent representative to NATO has explained that the US-led bloc is not obliged to offer

According to the document, companies from EU countries, Norway, Ukraine, and the UK will no longer be able to transport goods through Russia by road.

TGP Cassandra Fairbanks October 1, 2022 Lindsey Graham Urges Biden to Treat Attacks on Ukraine as Attacks on NATO, Even Though They’re Not a Member. There's a club and they ain't in it Lindsey.

Admitting Ukraine would draw NATO into immediate confrontation with Russia, under the Article 5 mutual defense provision. While the US is committed to the ‘open door’ policy when it comes to NATO, now is the wrong time to consider Ukraine’s membership application,

Ukraine, the United States and the head of the United Nations had all said the annexation ceremony would have no legal value. Predictable.

Axios Mark Robinson 30 Sep 22 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Friday that Ukraine is making an "accelerated" bid to join NATO. The bad news, ZMan, is that's a club and you ain't in it. The good news is that you will be welcomed to Martha's Vineyard.

as the negative consequences of Russia's war in Ukraine continue to inflict a heavy toll on European economies.

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