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A unique perspective of the assault on Ukraine from an awol Russian soldier … ⁦@PaulNiland⁩ - have you heard this ?

Well done to @CNN for the coverage of mass graves in Ukraine this morning - it’s important that everyone sees the brutality of Russian forces

A disgraceful position for any right minded person to take, let alone a publication at the exact moment that mass graves are being discovered in Ukraine

I hope Paul is right and we are on a path to Ukraine success

Brilliant coverage from Ukraine - please stop what you are doing and watch this. It’s real

This is totally plausible - Putin needs to be stopped. What will it take before others properly join Ukraine ?

@PaulNiland Saves people in Ukraine through Lifeline Ukraine , a national suicide prevention helpline

Huge insights from inside the war zone in Ukraine from @PaulNiland who has been living in Kyiv for 20 years. No fear, but anger and resolve and a 100% belief that victory will come against Putin and his brutal murderous regime

Ukraine are digging in, fighting back and have every intention of driving Putin’s army out of their country - thank you @PaulNiland for insights of 150 days of war from Kyiv

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