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@sullisms @JaiSpartacus Imagine if Ukraine had no war but was gifted the billions it's seen?

So it looks like Missiles meant for Ukraine targets were shot down & ended up crashing in Poland Where does blame lie if this proves true? Those launching Missiles in a 'War' or those shooting down (via NATO weapons) said Missiles? Ban War.....issue solved eh?

My mind plays tricks (brain fog?) but it appears folk care far more about the loss of civilians in Ukraine than they did about their own care home victims (4X as many as current Ukrain civilian losses?) I cannot remember folk altering profiles etc. to highlight those murders?

We're at the point that Russia is making a list of munitions used against it (& which Nations have trained up the folk deploying them?) whilst Ukraine does the same with munition fragments is recovers.... Why can't folk see this is the 'reasoning' for the expanded War to come?

@francesca_geld It all hangs on that 'NATO Membership' doesn't it? Grant Ukraine it now & we're instantly in a European War which could be seen as WWIII?

So we're just waiting for NATO to allow Ukraine to join before WWIII begins then? Putin has got his piece in place now Russia has claimed those 4 regions & so then "Any attack on a Member state is an attack on all Members" kicks in?....

So it all comes together eh? Now NATO will give a favourable ear to Ukraine's pleas for a quick accession to the group since Russia took 4 states from them... Then it is 'NATO V's Russia & WWIII..... & which nations will serve as their battlefield eh?

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