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@BNODesk All the moaners who don't realise Europe and UK is spending a lot too. Ukraine cannot fall otherwise the costs will be astronomical as a wider conflict. You know Ukraine will one day repay it's debt once they are back on their feet, I have no doubt they will help.

@StationCDRKelly @elonmusk If Russia advances this will happen where they go (like Bucha/Irpin). Atrocities are being committed, we cannot stay complicit and must help Ukraine hold and push back the line.

@Gerashchenko_en This is what Russia will do to the rest of Ukraine and neighbouring countries if they advance. It's extremely sad to see this, it echoes images from previous world wars, not forgetting 2022 Irpin/Bucha and others. Allies need to send more aid. Hold The Line.

@weefred @Painterwrites @johnredwood QE helped keep inflation low to BoE target. What drove the high inflation was mainly the war in Ukraine when wholesale gas prices went through the roof, sanctions etc. impacting wider economy and cost of living. Inflation was previously low. Set to fall this year.

@crouchendcom Wrong you are misinformed most people support Ukraine. You are just spreading lies which doesn't surprise me given your Twitter/handle. Ok bye

@lewiskfaizal1 @ClownWorld_ How am I doing that exactly? Me specifically. I'm a Christian but also idgaf about stuff like this because honestly it's harmless. If you want to talk about evil then think about what Russia is doing Ukraine or the Holocaust of WW2.

@Lukewearechange A wider war was always a possibility, instigated by Putin and Russia who have committed countless war crimes and atrocities already. Fact is Russia invaded Ukraine and it had no right to. Putin wants the conflict to escalate, to restore satellite control etc. Not happening

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