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What is the Russian objective? To demilitarize Ukraine, i.e. to annihilate the AFU. The Russians lost this battle for Izyum — but they have actually come closer to winning this war. 2/2

Assuming that Dima at Military Summary channel is correct (and I think he is), in these past two weeks of offensives, Ukraine lost +10,000 and another +20,000 wounded. No army can continue sustaining such casualties. 1/2 https://t.co/IJQoChLVMu

American military experts could not defeat Afghan goat-herders in 20 years of fighting. So I’d take anything they have to say about Ukraine with a boulder of salt.

Two possibilities: Either the Russian armed forces are and have always been completely incompetent — or they’re luring Ukraine’s best forces into a trap.

I deleted this tweet that I posted an hour ago, because it turned out that the video I was passing along was from some sort of video game or film that was made a couple of years ago. It was not from the Ukraine front line, as I had assumed. It was my mistake. I’m sorry. GL https://t.co/3vGzKmTAg8

According to the current RUMOR, it was the British MI6 that planned this insane operation from their suburban offices in Kiev, at the behest and encouragement of Boris. Boris wanted one final victory in Ukraine before he departs 10 Downing. 6/

They intended to use these hostages and the fear of a nuclear disaster to force Russia to evacuate from all of Ukraine. This plan would imply, of course, that they intended to kill the IAEA inspectors, so as to prevent them from later telling people that it had been a ruse. 3/

This is the RUMOR of what happened at Energodar. But it seems to fit the details. Boris Johnson himself was pushing for this insanity: A group of British-trained Ukraine commandos would stage an amphibious raid on Energodar, as a beachhead for a larger attack group. 1/8

The reason I don’t post 24/7 about Ukraine is because even though I am here in the war zone, there is more to life than just the war.

I’m going live with the boys from the Duran — join us. The show starts at 2 PM Ukraine time. https://t.co/s9MhP7UWQ3

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