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Oleksiy Goncharenko
Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Member of Ukrainian delegation in Parliamentary Assembly of the Coun
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These are Russian Olympians who came to a concert on March 18, 2022, in Moscow, in support of Putin and the war. So, sport is out of politics? Do you want to allow those who support the killing of civilians in Ukraine to participate in the Olympics? @Paris2024 @Olympics https://t.co/EDtANXtOrV

.@PentagonPresSec said that the new weapons package for Ukraine includes GLSDB high-precision bombs. They will help us conduct operations to protect our own country and return to sovereign territory.

Russia is committing genocide against Ukrainians. And everything that Russia did in Ukraine falls under the definition of genocide, according to the UN convention. I talked about it on @BBCNews https://t.co/BzFsnAXQDo

Thank you for the opportunity to speak and talk about Ukraine. It was a great honor.

Putin threatens countries that give us weapons. Meanwhile, he gives orders to kill civilians in Ukraine. He is a terrorist and a murderer. And today he sits like a madman, talking about the memory of the Second World War. He's completely insane.

Video of my lecture on Ukraine at @dartmouth I was very happy to answer all questions, and I hope after the end of the war students will visit Ukraine. https://t.co/OT19ttANBr

Today, "the Day of Reckoning" was arranged in Ukraine. What do I mean? A lot of searches were conducted in various criminal cases. The first famous name was Ihor Kolomoiskyi.

Today I am in the House of Representatives. I came to explain to @AOC why Ukraine is important. And why is it really your agenda. Unfortunately, we couldn't meet. But I will not stop trying to explain our position on Ukraine. https://t.co/tMXOZYrTic

Latvia will not participate in the 2024 Olympics together with the Russians and Belarusians if the war in Ukraine continues at the time of its holding. Paldies!

Had the honor to give a lecture at @dartmouth What was I talking about? Of course, about Ukraine. What lessons can be learned from this war so that it never happens again in the future? Thank you to everyone who came and took an interest in such an important topic. https://t.co/s2gwRjmkaY

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