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Oleksiy Goncharenko
Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Member of Ukrainian delegation in Parliamentary Assembly of the Coun
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To date, there are 4 agreements between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on cooperation and exchange of information in the field of nuclear energy. 3/6

Agreements that allow the Russia cover up its presence at the #Zaporizhzhia NPP are still in force between #Ukraine and #Russia. Therefore, I appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with a request to terminate all existing agreements in the field of nuclear energy. 2/6

鈽笍Ukraine should terminate all nuclear agreements with Russia!馃У1/6

Crimea! Right now, an ammunition depot in Dzhankoy exploded. Dzhankoy is an important railway junction for the Russian army through which they transfer weapons and personnel. Glory to Ukraine! https://t.co/qa0XdCHsEF

#Kosovo has a right to its independence. We must act together with international law. #Ukraine must show that we are united with the democratic world that supports Kosovo. More about it, you can read in my interview for @AlbanianPostAP: https://t.co/ym32xFQLym

@TatAtfender First of all, McDonald's is a company that provides jobs for Ukrainians. And also this is an example for other large corporations to start working in Ukraine, despite the war.馃拋鈥嶁檪锔

McDonald's resumes work in #Ukraine. I will order myself a run of big mac. And for the children 鈥 a Happy Meal and as much ice cream as they would want. Have you ever tasted Ukrainian sauce? If you love garlic, you'll love it! Who is from Ukraine, what will you order?

Every foreigner who asks Ukrainians to be 鈥渟ofter鈥 or 鈥渢olerant鈥 towards Russians must live in #Ukraine for at least a week. After a couple of air raid alerts and living with a curfew, an understanding of the Ukrainian position will come by itself. 馃槙

Follow my logic: there is a war in #Ukraine. Crimea is Ukraine, even though it is occupied. #Russians should not go on vacation to a country where the war is ongoing. 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

Explosions in #Novofedorivka (#Crimea)! There is a military airfield nearby, from where planes that attack southern Ukraine with missiles usually take off. There are many variants of events: rockets or sabotage. But the most important thing is that it burns! #WarInUkraine https://t.co/VooTAvSLvM

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