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I am Groot (I am Groot)
'I am not altogether on anybody's side, because nobody is altogether on my side, if you understand me.' - Treebeard
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@TomFitton Only if you go fight in Ukraine to end a real border crisis.

@ACTBrigitte Send all the Trump supporters to Ukraine. They can fight against an actual dictator.

@Tuco49254377 @DavidEmmerson_D Putin invaded and occupied part of Georgia, then annexed Crimea, then provided troops and weapons for the Eastern Rebels in Ukraine. The only reason Ukraine is interested in NATO, and rightly so, is because of Putin's aggression.

@Tuco49254377 @DavidEmmerson_D It has nothing to do with belief. It has to do with facts. The fact is, you are condoning Russias actions and blaming Ukraine for it. You aren't using the reasoning that you claim to be.

@AntifascistaCe @CarrieL2112 @Darcman @JakaraLRI @rugcernie @CAgovernor You believe that Ukrainians are the Nazis. Nazism = Fascism + anti-semitism. Ukraine's president is Jewish, which debunks the antisemitic part and Russia perfectly fits the definition of a Fascist State (see: image) https://t.co/65jyK4mN8m

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