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@SqueeBib @RshdwWarCollege @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM Wait... Iran sends drones to RuSSia... act of war against Ukraine. Ukraine shot down Iranian drones... act of war against Iran.... that moron appears to have proven that Ukraine and Iran are at war... 🤡

@SqueeBib @RshdwWarCollege @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM Apparently, US providing weapons to Ukraine and RuSSia downing a drone are an exchange of acts of war... meaning US and RuSSia are at war... that guy is a moron, i blocked him, i'm no longer wasting time on that loser.

@RshdwWarCollege @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM "War College"... you don't even know what war is... you don't have a clue of what is happening in Ukraine. Again, you should get back in touch with reality.

@RshdwWarCollege @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM What the f**k are you talking about? US and RuSSia are not at war... heck, RuSSia pretends to not even be at war against Ukraine in their colonial operation.

@RshdwWarCollege @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM The surveillance was done from international waters, so stop being ridiculous calling it an act of war. That is plain ridiculous. So you are saying Ukraine can hit Belarus airstrips because they are providing support to RuSSian air strikes? Don't answer, we know what you will say

@TDHSL_ @WarMonitors We know the Kremlin propaganda. It’s not all of a sudden. It was said then that Serbia committed genocides in ex-Yuoslavia. And the RuSSian genocide in Ukraine started with this unjustified war, with tortures, rapes, killings, children deportation, destruction of culture sites…

@Agdchan It is not a hatred of Russia, but a hatred of the Kremlin for their attack on and genocide in Ukraine. Get out of Ukraine, and you'll see things get better... unless of course you start striking Georgia out of spite.

@WarMonitors After the fall of Kherson, we saw Ukrainian soldiers exactly where Putin was standing only three months before.... oh, wait, no, Putin never came to congratulate the soldiers he sent to die in Ukraine.

@TreasChest So... RuSSia is going to whine at the UN because Ukraine and the West are not taking their imperialism and genocide lying down? Someone should tell they can't have their can't have their cake and eat it too.

@LeShadow486 @SalvadorMoya16 @CanadianKitty1 Well, yeah, it’s Kremlin propaganda…. Coming from the people who sends nazi troops to Ukraine to commit a genocide (as per UN definition).

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