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In war diplomacy, actions count first. What's going to be played out in Ukraine constitutes a test. If we fail to forge these new rules of WarDiplomacy, we'll lose both the war & any future possibility of democracy. This is called perpetual war. 👏@NTenzer

Both regimes are parties to Russia's illegal war of aggression against Ukraine. Some experts speculate that their agreements will lead to Iranian weapons production in Belarus. Russia already uses Iranian drones to kill civilians and destroy critical civilian infrastructure.

🤔Which parts are "bs propaganda" talking points, Max? That Russia is waging a genocidal war of conquest against Ukraine? That Russia and China have the common aim of upending the western-led intl security order? That unchecked Russia is a grave threat to Ukraine and the world?

Russia is an existential threat not only to Ukraine, but also to the entire free world. The sooner this is acknowledged and accepted, the sooner we can take appropriate and meaningful action to defeat the greatest evil of our time.

Asking again: Why does @uOttawa allows outright Kremlin propaganda lies - Russian state disinfo *warfare*, i.e. a WEAPON - to be disseminated to its students? Katchanovksi statements help Russia wage disinfo war against Ukraine on Canadian soil in a Canadian university.

There should be no mistake - any pressure on Ukraine to negotiate a settlement, including by delaying or refusing military supplies, is a conscious effort to protect Russia from losing on the battlefield in Ukraine. - @RomanSohn & @GicAriana

Russia formally annexed Ukrainian territories - including those it didn’t even manage to occupy - to ensure that any negotiated settlement is a crushing defeat for Ukraine and the West.

The latest Western mantra of “Support Ukraine as long as it takes” is inevitably followed by rhetoric about “help UA strengthen its position at the negotiating table to end the war with an acceptable settlement”. This notion is fantasy thinking.

RU is using its war of annihilation against Ukraine to demonstrate its blatant disregard for all moral, political, or legal limits limitations.Putin is determined to humiliate the West by showing that RU won't be subdued by any measures restraining its revanchist global ambitions

Coercing Ukraine into making concessions to Russia for some illusion of peace, or even sacrificing UA for “avoiding direct confrontation w/ RU” is not going to solve the problem of aggressive, revanchist, totalitarian Russian state. @RomanSohn @GicAriana

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