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je suis ni avec l'ukraine ni avec la russie ni avec les USA ni avec la France etc... MAIS JE SUIS AVEC LA TEAM PAIX ☮️☮️☮️
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@Mok1967SG @EuroRealism @NorFalse What if i don't want to Hate Russia and don't want to Support Ukraine

@chaibphotograph @Pulsar_C137 @bigbrother_ma @JimInhofe @USAfricaCommand @USSOCOM Su 30 have been destroyed by Ukraine Forces 4times. Oh and look the Moskva is now a Submarine lol. Bro i'm sure you will say me thsi War is Justified because Ukraine is Nazi or bombed Donbas for 8 years .... (you just got BrainWashed by Putler).

@BaconMcDouble07 @Stoic_Outrider @Kolki1981 @kityparty @rickyrisme @ZelenskyyUa Yes Russia invaded Ukraine you're right but Why are they giving ecnomic sanction to Russia but not for US ???

@vlrppv @gillescaruso @Prizrak_opery @EmmanuelMacron ... France won more battle than Everyone but Ukraine was Russie for several Centuries :)

@Pinkyandgreenn @gillescaruso @Prizrak_opery @EmmanuelMacron damn bro say me who won 1105 battles ?? not your stupid country aka Ukraine ; We are giving our weapon to your Comedian President. that why i wanted to vote MLP.

@TraderStf @andy_ledia @CreeperBaie @EmmanuelMacron ... Russian People Love Putin , Right now because of the Ukrainian War Putin has 83% of Popularity so Russian (or alot of Russians) don't care about Ukraine.

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