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Russia is preparing cavalry units for the war in Ukraine due to a lack of armored vehicles. No, this is not a comedy, this is real news from Russia

28 wagons with missiles for S-300 air defence system on the way from Ulan-Ude to border with Ukraine – Armed Forces of Ukraine | Ukrainska Pravda

Europe began to reduce the volume of military aid to #Ukraine About it writes the #American edition of Politico. In July, the six largest countries in #Europe did not offer Ukraine any new military commitments. And this is the first time since the beginning of the war.

Ukraine needs more than just weapons. It needs a stategy - Task & Purpose

This port city is in Russian hands but Ukraine is fighting to get it back via @YouTube

Russia’s Repeat Failures: Moscow’s New Strategy in Ukraine Is Just as Bad as the Old One

Afghanistan Official spoke about risks of transferring former Afghan National Army aviation flown to Uzbekistan & Tajikistan to Ukraine. Attack aircraft capable of using blocks of 70-mm NAR "Hydra", APKWS missile guided by beam & target illumination from UAV or ground gunner

Ukraine's Drone unit showing Bomblets strikes on Russian BMP position in the Donbas area.

Ukraine's 54th Mechanized Brigade's K2 unit showing artillery strikes on Russian ammunition and 120mm mortar position in the Marinka area.

Entire unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Nevelskoye was demoralized by artillery fire from the 100th brigade of the DPR army and fled, abandoning their positions.

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