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Oleg has been critical of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On 27th Feb, 2022, he posted calls for peace and negotiations and the next day he commented on the sanctions that "unlike 2014, it will not be possible to sit this out now".

He will revert to being a true RuZZian and bad mouth Ukraine & NATO etc

How aircraft could be the last 'key turn' to end the war in Ukraine via @FacebookWatch

COMPROMISED? This hirsute young politico is Olaf Scholz. In the 80鈥檚, Scholz was a self-identified Marxist. The DDR (East Germany) then regarded him as an 鈥榠mportant ally in the struggle against NATO鈥. Scholz is now the principal stumbling block to providing armor to Ukraine.

Ukraine鈥檚 Consequences Are Finally Spreading to Syria - War on the Rocks

War for Ukraine - First Conclusions from 2022 and New Challenges 2023 via @YouTube

Was Joe Biden hiding his Ukraine secrets from the Trump White House? #FoxNews via @FacebookWatch

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