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A ceasefire in Ukraine instead of anti-Russia sanctions could help tackle rising prices, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has said

Donetsk People鈥檚 Republic in eastern Ukraine said it had secured the release of 144 soldiers, including its fighters and those of the Russian army. #pow #Russia

Video interview of an American Mercenary captured in Donbas. #Donbass - he鈥檚 asked why he went to fight in Ukraine.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo travels by train from Poland to Ukraine, doesn鈥檛 look impressed.

A reminder that any destruction of homes that are located in the predominantly ethnic Russian population of the former Ukraine, do not get reported. I bet you didn't see this on any western media.

After blaming Russia for a strike on a military location in Ukraine that caused an adjacent mall to catch fire, it was reported that a "false flag" involving 'chemical weapons attack against the civilian population is being prepared, and will be blamed on Russia.

Turkey is believed to have delivered up to 50 Bayraktar TB2 to Ukraine since February. The exact number of drones that is actually still in service with the Ukrainian army is unknown. #drones

Ukraine and Moldova need to intensify their cooperation in the economy, the energy sector, and security, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said

G7 faces a battle for unity as the cost of America's proxy war in Ukraine mounts. In addition, soaring global energy and food prices are hitting economic growth due to sanctions against Russia.

U.S has now admitted something Russia has claimed for months, U.S special forces are in fact involved in Ukraine, something the U.S has denied previously, calling it 鈥淩ussian Propaganda鈥 #maskoff #proxywar

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