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@danimal555 Westminster in the States is the most prestigious All Breed Dog Show, held once a year at Madison Square Gardens in downtown NY City. I will keep on the lookout for British politicians hiding amongst the crowd. Will Boris's replacement, support Ukraine?

Great news for the remaining and incomplete second AN-225 Mriya. Finally a billionaire who will put his money to good use for Ukraine.

@nexta_tv I wish this were true, but it's not. I also wish my fellow Americans will wake the f#垄k up before the next election, and realize: Trumputin's an evil person who would never defend Ukraine, because there's nothing in it personally for him. #TuckFrump

@null_user_id @JoJoFromJerz One man does not have that kind of authority without the Majority of Congress and you know it! What a bullshit graph! You're hiding behind the fact you're probably a trumpeting Trumputin fan. Congress voted at a six to one ratio to back Ukraine!

@ilivas33 @jmvasquez1974 I'm curious, why do you say that? (If it were me, my wife wouldn't allow me to go back), 馃槉 He's a man of his word, and he's always done everything he's said he would do, long before he entered the Ukraine war.

@ilivas33 @jmvasquez1974 With his magical aura presence from afar. 馃ぃ I was referring to when he gets back to Ukraine!

@danimal555 You just revealed the "Secret Weapon" capable of ending #PutinsWar IF, Ukraine Forces would lob, toss and/or bomb Russian Forces with Durian shit fruit, this war would be over in a day or 2!

@catladylifehack @antiputler_news @IAPonomarenko A Soldier and his Dog are one and the same! It would be a bit awkward for me to pick up a soldier and hold him dear to my chest. Of course my sentiments apply to the soldiers, and everybody in Ukraine!

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