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@AlexVoy12 @laura_har @wartranslated "I didn't say what I just said." "It's your fault I'm lying" "Please talk about strawmen instead." I'm just gonna continue posting liberation vids, because Ukraine is Awesome. https://t.co/d0JVz9wuaf

@AlexVoy12 @laura_har @wartranslated Nah. "Having many videos is equal to zero" Ukraine doesn't play by Russia's rules. I don't gotta play by yours. I'ma gonna keep posting evidence and you gonna keep writing words. https://t.co/3Rr3u0QkSg

@RadioFreeTom @gtconway3d Lots more bots and toxic assholes, but they're very targetted. Seem to be staying away from you specifically and aimed at Ukraine bros and election information sources.

@ValrySchollaer1 @queenieF2013 @svdate Ukraine is winning. It's why Russia retreated from Kyiv. From Sumy. From Kharkiv. And why they lost their flagship to a missile strike. Those are genuinely happy people to be liberated from Russia. It's because Russia lies.

@DavidBrum18 @EricWhaite @Tendar The amazing part about that was it took less than a day for them to plainly, quickly, and immediately reassert their support for Ukraine. And the latest package contains 90 tanks, so.. Yeah, Democrats support Ukraine.

@1972Hank @olex_scherba The claim that military assistance started under Trump is a flat lie, told to get people who support Ukraine to vote for politicians who mean to disrupt that support.

@1972Hank @olex_scherba As you can see, the aid started before 2016, and a very anti-Biden republican was screaming for military assistance to be stopped back in November, blaming Biden for giving too much support for Ukraine and "Prolonging the Conflict"

@gustnado @olex_scherba "Secret Ukrainian Web Server." Of course, that was just blocking congressionally granted aid to Ukraine.

@Tentmak49887517 @olex_scherba I'm fairly impressed that Ted Cruz managed to ignore eight years of military aid initiated by Democrats for Ukraine, and continued, with plenty of lethal weapons, under Biden. He also suggests breaking the Budapest agreement, not following it. No troops is no Budapest.

@CurpDavid Otherwise it's been comprehensive. Day one AWACS patrols, grant permission to buy stuff, reinforcing allies so they can send their stuff to Ukraine.. Remember when this kicked off? Everyone was screaming about how Biden was predicting an invasion that wouldn't happen.

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