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@stanko0000 @markomihkelson ruzzia hasn't gained anything by invading Ukraine and is in fact losing ground, personnel and equipment but still continues its "smo". putin would do something like this to test a response...

@strategywoman I think we're lucky to have Ukraine, willing to pay the heaviest price to protect freedom against ruzzia. Just wish more could be done and quicker than it has been

@AnarchoTerran Don't think Ukraine would want anything ruzzian ever.

@OscarCa15837513 @Danijela071 Check the dates. And the last corruption list puts Ukraine far better position than ruzzia. But what would you expect give Ukraine was under ruzzian rule until 30 year ago of course some the ruzzian corruption remains - ruzzians still live in Ukraine

@Harri_Est You were one of the first people I followed in terms of Ukraine - because of the info. I stayed because all the other reasons people have said. You're also my comic buddy and you didn't report me for saying I would hunt you down for a hug 馃槈

@MECHADLEE18 Nope... you are the unsung heros. Donating we can all do - we cant all do what you and all those in Ukraine do 鉂わ笍

@UkrainianNews24 I hope this happens. Even if it doesn't I do believe Ukraine will be victorious. 馃憡馃挋馃挍

@mediafrendzee Not saying there isn't any in Ukraine... but please do enlighten me where this photo is proof of what's being claimed. Also if you actually read up on Azov, the info says it USED to have such people, but that changed a while ago. Guess thats your continued denial.

@SavageJoyMarie1 So you'd rather others be raped, tortured and killed? For the ruzzia to take on a NATO country when it would be even more costlier to all helping Ukraine. Maybe you should protest your government to do both....

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