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Absurdum est ut alios regat, qui seipsum regere nescit. – Apsurdno je da nad drugima vlada onaj koji
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@CNN They find another help. Most of them are dog of war in Ukraine. They relaxing killing Russian.

@whatevs11 @Iqbal12904009 @CNN Everything is changed. War in Ukraine is proxy between USA and Russia over Ukrainian. We common people pay a price. Inflation everywhere, game with oil,gas, electricity. Rich people become more rich, war industry earn money, politicians are stupid and selfish. Nuclear war on door

@Jh67894 @JonoFrom @SimonJohnBowden @nytimes That is proxy war between Russia and USA. Final price will pay Ukrainian and Russian. That will last years. Ukraine will lost part of territory, Russian get enemy in Ukraine forever, ordinary people will suffer. Existing oligarchs and new one plus politicians will be rich.

@Jh67894 @JonoFrom @SimonJohnBowden @nytimes One of many bots who is on Twitter just to say something. You don't anything about history of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. Like every American believe in every word read in newspaper or TV. This essay doesn't take in account his countryman on other side. What is with them?

@DefenceHQ One proposal. Change your informers from Ukraine. Obviously they spend more time drinking and writing rubbish. 23% of his territory Ukraine doesn't control. Since april you inform about poor morale. Russian diplomacy is excellent. Sanctions doesn't work. GB suffer. Be serious.

@RomanianInSwe In this war only loser will be Ukraine like we were. Agreement will be like in Bosnia. When USA said enough then we see some conference. Cremea will be Russian, Donbas and Lugansk get autonomy and peace keepers like they has before war. Big country play game with us and business.

@Water31344077 @Atle3000 @oleksiireznikov @DefenceU @MoD_Estonia @HPevkur Doesn't matter about profiles. Most are fake. But conversations will show easily what he or she talking about. I don't want to talk about feelings because nobody convinced you to hate your country or Russian their. I live in country which is destroy on same way like Ukraine.

@CATOWG @Water31344077 @Atle3000 @oleksiireznikov @DefenceU @MoD_Estonia @HPevkur It's normal to be patriot. I can understand that it's hard to be realistic. NATO will NEVER enter with soldiers in Ukrainian like didn't in Serbia. NATO will provide weapons. They don't care for Ukraine but to weakness Russia yes. Russia will never leave Ukraine.

@Atle3000 @HamiltonRobbed @CATOWG @Water31344077 @oleksiireznikov @DefenceU @MoD_Estonia @HPevkur Do you know how many Ukrainian refugees came to Serbia and they get everything. Much more than in western countries. Ukrainian minority lives for century in peace in Serbia. You will pay the price. Nobody cares for common people. Neither in Ukraine. Nobody want to hear true.

@katpaths @JoshNeverStops @serhiyprytula @CharityPrytula Nobody knows in Ukraine how many Ukrainian already lost life, wounded, professional soldier or not etc. Government every day state false number of Russian casualties. I understand propaganda but if you keep secrets people will start to ask questions. And problems and panic start.

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