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“Unconfirmed that Ukraine failed storming the island last month.” -guy who claims Ukraine assaulted Russians on the island a few days ago. 😳💀

-Ukraine braver than Russians in ww2 *many sided with Nazis

Russians on the ground in Ukraine busting their asses to accomplish the mission. Russians inside Russia asleep at the wheel. Ukraine knows they’re finished soon so their mission is to inflict as much pain before collapse, let’s see if Putin made empty threats once again.

When it returns to Ukraine it’s going to be Russians playing with nazi heads.

Ukraine has unlimited tanks, only joking when begging for more armor. 😳💀

Global arms manufacturers who can’t replenish US losses given to Ukraine will be able to indefinitely supply all countries that supply weapons to Ukraine. 😳💀

@DanielB64454140 With sanctions they got plenty of reason and time to build for themselves. How many tanks can Ukraine build for themselves? Totally reliant on the west that are depleting their own stockpiles and will need to replace those as well? 😳💀

@DanielB64454140 If ukrops want to keep meeting them in the Donbas, why move quickly. Again their intentions are to demilitarize Ukraine not necessarily take all territory. If they destroy all ukrops in donbas they can walk across the rest of Ukraine with minimum resistance.

Russia doesn’t occupy any ukrop territory. Ukraine running away as joke. Ukrop win imminent. 😳💀

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