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G.MadMonkTaka🐍 Clandestin
He/Him 45 y/o,Steppe-US-ism,Clandestine Shaman,Centrist🇺🇸 偽言・私語の術🙊: https://t.co/l9Jhi1WcLp よこそう邪教へ🐍
Location: East Coast USA
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@BilboBagginsBut @VUWVideos @KBoz3 @FargoRaider27 @LeeCamp @davidkersten @jimmy_dore @colonelcassad @MintPressNews @PieterOmtzigt @markrutte @Blackrussiantv Mixed Buryat President of Ukraine. Shoigu is Tuvan. This conflict has nothing to do with western concept of color revolution. Also,US is in free world,so any President won’t make a huge difference. Ru is in a very complicated situation,a wrong President means d end of Ru Fed. https://t.co/jAqPhnMztb

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