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On a planet that increasingly resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choic
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When the Ukrainian leaders enter the provocation attempts by Elon, something stupid, ends up feeding on the Ukraine's strategy weakest point, the internal political division in the US. It was a very unintelligent action.

@ElenaProdan12 There you have the weakest link for Ukraine, US domestic politics.

@the_cloudhopper @pahkasela It is not personal, with your words you are not going to do anything, you can go to Ukraine, do you feel like it?

I know that a certain type of capitalism creates monsters, but I want to remind everyone that the market capitalization of Tesla is 7 times the GDP of Ukraine.

@Volo_pad Everything would be true except that the market capitalization of Tesla is 772.49 billion USD, something like 7 times the GDP of Ukraine. I know, it's crazy.

@juli_bg_bs @gstanchev Tell me if any of these statements are false 1. Ukraine will continue in the war as long as its main allies allow it. 2. Ukraine is now a broken country without resources subject to the interests of its allies. 3. Russia has a nuclear arsenal that could be used at the any moment.

@berlinaffaires If Russia is going to use a non-strategic nuclear weapon, it will be in Ukraine, not in Poland because then it would no longer be a tactical attack, it would be strategic.

@Leowizzs Ukraine is at war! Ukraine's only priority at this time is to survive, and I am not sure what Ukraine's future will be like. When the reconstruction phase begins, processes will be implemented to converge with Europe, not now.

@Leowizzs You don't know the EU at all. I think that in Ukraine you have an idealized vision.

#Ukraine Ministry of Emergency Antonov An-26 4-BLUE en route to Kyiv again.

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