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And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free - John 8:32 Volunteer @UkraineAidOps
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UNITED24 Ambassadors' fundraiser for generators to support medical facilities in Ukraine | UNITED24 (Ukraine House DC Foundation)

Love you Fellas. Stay strong and we will be better and more focused because of this. We are one team, with one dream. A Free Ukraine. Together we will win. Don鈥檛 let the Russians and the fraudsters divide us. We will win. But seriously I need a new BlackBerry鈥 馃槈

Sanctions are reportedly hurting Russia's economy and Ukraine war aims, and new oil caps could hit harder

@ZelenskaUA This breaks my heart. All of this evil will be brought to Justice. Praying for your people. Victory, healing, and peace are coming soon for Ukraine. Stay strong. We are with you. God is with you. 馃嚭馃嚘

God is with Ukraine 馃檹馃嚭馃嚘鉂わ笍

@maria_drutska Praying for you Maria. Stay safe! Ukraine will prevail 馃嚭馃嚘馃檹

Love you Ukraine. Love you Fellas. Good night. Ukraine will win. Jesus is with Ukraine. 馃嚭馃嚘馃檹

Amen to this. God is with Ukraine in Jesus鈥 name amen 馃檹

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