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@AutismHousedad @johwilcha @leedsblue67 True, we blew it. And we will have the same thing as everyone else. Which is what we warned about in 2016 But there is a reason Ukraine etc wants to get into the EU. And as we lose ag, manufacturing etc, we will look a lot more eager. Besides, Brexiters are dying...

@KateSFWriter @RejoinDave Besides,not only can't you just convert tanks into food banks, but are those tanks even being used? Recent article about US aid pointed out the bulk of it was surplus Want food prices to fall? Kick Russia out of Ukraine would be a good start Sounds like a Putin talking point

@McFaul @Gonzalo85307646 By 1943, there was really no chance of a negotiated settlement with anyone. Fight to the death. Think people have still convinced themselves there can be a 'deal'. But Putin wants to 'win'. That means Ukraine has to, by taking everything back

@curatorian Considering Chinese exercises & rhetorical over Taiwan, such a wargame is no surpris. The fact that it's outcome 8s being made public is to send a message. Just like the way the VP went to the East on an official visit Ukraine offers lessons as well

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