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@UKELECTION2023 @kins_stephen @JamesCleverly @ZelenskyyUa Errr, the airspace is closed and the Kremlin has a long history of political assassinations. Telephone calls are sufficient when dealing with a belligerent nation openly calling for your destruction. I repeat, Putin is FULLY aware nations want him to leave Ukraine.

@m4mistersim @JamesCleverly @ZelenskyyUa No, push them out of Ukraine. It's really not hard to understand unless you've decided you didn't want to understand.

@andymoore10 @JamesCleverly russia leaving Ukraine is not backing them into a corner. Grow up.

@HHepplewhite @LadyJLondon @calvinrobinson russia invaded Ukraine. Take it from there. Assume you lack basic cognitive skills.

@HrabinaM @bjornbert @TomaszCK1 @ZelenskyyUa @JapanGov Has Poland expressed the desire to invade Ukraine? No. Unless you're into Kremlin propaganda.

@Paul_Goode78 @Maks_NAFO_FELLA The very existence and success of Ukraine outside the russian sphere of influence is the main reason why Putin invaded. Unfortunately Ukraine want sovereignty and dignity, and that is not negotiable.

@IVPATXX @TheEconomist Scott Ritter... The fallen guy who sold his soul to the Kremlin because no-one in the Western world would employ a convicted child sex-offender. Nearly everything he says about Ukraine turns out to be wrong or simply ridiculous propaganda.

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