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WATCH: Steve Harrigan joined the program today with a report from Ukraine, as the war there rages on. Tune in! #FoxNewsSunday

WATCH: As President Biden releases his new budget proposal, @ShannonBream will sit down with @SenJohnKennedy to discuss the debate on Capitol Hill. Plus, a sit down with President @niinisto to get his take on the war in Ukraine and his country鈥檚 petition to join @NATO. Tune in!

WATCH: After President Biden hosted @Bundeskanzler to discuss strengthening the @NATO alliance and the war in Ukraine, we'll sit down with @mikepompeo and @MarkWarner to get their take on the current state of foreign relations. Tune in! #FoxNewsSunday

WATCH: @SenatorCardin joined @ShannonBream to discuss his recent trip to Vienna, aid to Ukraine, and why China is a major threat to the United States. #FoxNewsSunday

WATCH: Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee @RepAdamSmith joined @ShannonBream on #FoxNewsSunday to discuss debt ceiling negotiations, classified documents, and growing concerns about U.S. military readiness as more supplies are sent to Ukraine.

WATCH: House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman @RepMcCaul joined @ShannonBream on #FoxNewsSunday to discuss China's looming threat, the U.S. sending tanks to Ukraine, our military readiness and more.

WATCH: @LucasFoxNews reports from the White House as leaders react to the death of Tyre Nichols, the U.S. sends tanks to Ukraine, and frustrations over classified documents linger. #FoxNewsSunday

WATCH: As demonstrators take to the streets in multiple cities over the death of Tyre Nichols, we'll have a live report from Memphis. Plus, as the U.S. prepares to send tanks to Ukraine, we'll discuss the latest with @RepMcCaul and @RepAdamSmith. Tune in! #FoxNewsSunday

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