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The protracted war in Ukraine is entering a new and potentially much more dangerous phase. Can a diplomatic solution prevent Russia from climbing the escalation ladder?

Putin’s partial military mobilization may deal a serious blow to his effort to pitch the war as a “special operation” limited to Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, @ak_mack @JackDetsch @RobbieGramer report.

Amid a battlefield rout and increasing pressure from Russian nationalists and influential war bloggers, Putin is pressured to escalate the conflict in Ukraine with an ever-more-threadbare military. FP spoke to experts to game out how Putin may act next:

This week, join FP executive editor @ThatAmelia in conversation with reporters @RobbieGramer, @ak_mack and @JackDetsch as they discuss the biggest—and most consequential—developments in the Ukraine war. Register here:

Ukraine’s successful counterattack means that the Russian president has to deal with elites who disagree with him on strategic decisions for the first time.

The West needs to learn a number of lessons if it seeks broader support—on Ukraine or other geostrategic issues—than it has been able to muster so far, writes @MohanCRaja.

Experts fear that if Putin succeeds in Ukraine, the Baltic states could well be his next target.

The intensity of the mobilization effort in Russia’s far east has further fueled suspicions that ethnic minorities are being sent to fight and die in Ukraine at disproportionate rates.

South Asia Brief: India pushes Moscow on Russia’s war in Ukraine at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit. PLUS: the last U.S. hostage in Afghanistan comes home.

Despite growing pressure from Washington, South Africa doubles down on its nonaligned position on Russia-Ukraine. This, and more, in our latest Africa Brief:

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