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Subscriber Q: What are the developments convincing NATO and Ukraine that Russia is planning a large campaign in the spring? FP鈥檚 @robbiegramer: "Russian forces are engaging in limited spoiling attacks in [key areas] across the frontlines."

Q: Tell us a bit about the upcoming NATO meetings on Ukraine. What do you expect to come out of those? FP鈥檚 @robbiegramer: "There's going to be a lot of discussion on how to do a massive sea change in the defense posture." He explains why 馃憞

Subscriber Question: Will heavy equipment currently being sent to Ukraine make a difference? FP鈥檚 @robbiegramer: "The tanks will make a difference when it comes to battlefield offensives, but the name of the game is still the artillery and air defense."

Subscriber Question: Will the heavy equipment currently being sent to Ukraine make a difference to the outcome of this war? FP鈥檚 @jackdetsch: "I think this will make a critical difference for the Ukrainians." The question is how the Ukrainians organize.

Q: Why are these German leopard 2 tanks a game changer for Ukraine? FP鈥檚 @jackdetsch: "These are lighter-weight and more accurate tanks that potentially allow the Ukrainians to go on the offensive later in the spring."

HAPPENING NOW: Has Russian President Vladimir Putin learned the lessons from his last, disastrous mobilization? What does Ukraine need from the West to prepare for the next one? Tune in as FP reporters @JackDetsch, @ak_mack and @RobbieGramer discuss:

With its defense industry seriously damaged by months of Russian missile strikes, Ukraine has two primary paths to acquire the crucial main battle tanks it needs:

The Russia-Ukraine war serves as a harsh reminder of some old truths about nuclear weapons: In a crisis, deterrence is vulnerable, writes Nina Tannewald. There is always the chance that it could fail. From our Summer 2022 print issue:

Ukraine鈥檚 path to reclaiming its territorial sovereignty lies in leveraging machines rather than sacrificing men.

International food trade limits importing countries鈥 ability to build their own food systems, which may explain why Russia鈥檚 invasion of Ukraine brought many African and Middle Eastern countries at risk of great food insecurity.

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