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Timothy Naftali explains why Putin rejects any analogy comparing him to Khrushchev during the Cuban missile crisis—and discusses the key differences between the war in Ukraine and the events of October 1962.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created an opening for Washington to chip away at Russian dominance over the nuclear marketplace.”

Many of Russia’s elites believe that a withdrawal in Ukraine would be more than humiliating—it would be dangerous, writes @Stanovaya. How can the West motivate Russian realists to become peacemakers?

Ukrainian women, in and out of uniform, form a cornerstone of Ukraine’s resistance today—and they will be at the center of the effort to rebuild the country after the war, writes @OlyaOliker.

Read @BrewerEricM, @Nick_L_Miller, and @TeeAndersVolpe on how the war in Ukraine has put the United States in a prime position to challenge Russia’s dominance over the civil nuclear marketplace—and mitigate the risk of nuclear proliferation in the process.

Timothy Naftali discusses how Washington and Moscow found an offramp from a nuclear crisis in 1962—and why it will be more difficult for Putin to fall back and save face in Ukraine.

Despite Kyiv’s narrative on gender equality, Ukrainian officials have exaggerated women’s role in the military, writes @OlyaOliker. In the midst of a war for its survival, how can Ukraine build a truly modern and equitable army?

Putin currently believes he has no choice but to continue attacking Ukraine—and unlike many of Moscow’s elites, he still believes that Kyiv is doomed, writes @Stanovaya. How can Washington get the Kremlin to end its catastrophic invasion?

“There is no silver bullet for avoiding a wider war.” Read @LianaFix and @mkimmage on how Western policymakers can work to avoid an escalatory spiral with Russia in Ukraine.

“Handled properly, the crisis in Ukraine could end up strengthening U.S. nonproliferation efforts rather than igniting a cascade of new weapons states.”

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