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“At some point, the time will come for negotiations, and it is essential that the United States plan carefully for that day.” Read Thomas Pickering on how Washington can improve the odds of a favorable outcome in Ukraine.

To help bring Russia and Ukraine into direct talks, Washington should aim to focus both sides on the punishing realities of further combat—and the opportunities of negotiation, writes Thomas Pickering.

“Once Russia and Ukraine agree on a process for direct negotiations, then the hard part begins.”

.@AlexGabuev discusses how Putin dismantled Russia's robust foreign-policy making process—and drove the nation into the strategic catastrophe of its war in Ukraine.

“If Europeans do not reform their fragmented defense forces and procurement systems now, they will soon be back where they started before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

“Russia’s window of opportunity to redefine itself in the world order closed when the first Russian bombs and missiles hit Ukraine. It’s impossible to tell how this ugly war will end, but one thing is clear: those missed chances will never return.”

“The United States and its allies must remind one another that any end to the war that leaves Russia in a position to renew its campaign against Ukraine poses a long-term threat to vital Western interests.”

Putin has escalated on many fronts throughout the past year—and yet he has never quite brought Russia into a total war. @AndreiSoldatov and @irinaborogan explain Moscow’s strategy in Ukraine.

“The facts are the facts: between the protests, the war in Ukraine, and Iran’s general intransigence, the nuclear deal cannot be rescued.”

Read @Nigelgd1 on why the extent of Western unity since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been extraordinary—and what Washington can do to sustain international support for Kyiv.

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