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@BoSnerdley Not one single "American" I know supports throwing away our money to Ukraine. Not a single one. So who are these "Americans" that show up in these polls? Are they handpicked to get a positive result? Why do they like throwing our money away? I have questions.

13 Americans wouldn't have died in Afghanistan. Inflation would've never reached record highs. Fuel would've never reached record highs. War in Ukraine would've never happened, keeping us from spending Billions in aide. Oil independence would've stayed in place. So much more

@ConstableCurt @WilmaFl51811143 @PrimeTym21 @DrLoupis Don't forget about the virology lab in Ukraine that we're also funding, that no one knew about till some of Russia's missiles landed nearby. Wonder what viruses they're working on there?馃

As long as war continues, Democrats can continue to back-channel our money thru Ukraine. Dems and Biden don't care about the war, just the ability of being able to abuse it for personal gain.

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