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@CristiTanase17 @upser2004 @HowardADavid1 @WarMonitors And I think that democratic countries are much more peaceful than dictatorships. Ukraine is not Russia's first war.

@NikaMelkozerova @NAFOMoiety I can understand how it feels to fight alone against a superior enemy. This is a photo from Finland when five years of war finally ended. That day will come for Ukraine too.

@CristiTanase17 @upser2004 @HowardADavid1 @WarMonitors It's Russia that has become a Fascist country that tries to exterminate Ukrainians and their culture. How Russia treats its minorities? Ukraine didn't want to come as a vassal of Russia like Belarus, and I understand well.

@CristiTanase17 @upser2004 @HowardADavid1 @WarMonitors It would have been much easier to send enough troops from the beginning. Also, Russia said that it won't mobilize. On the other hand, it also said that it's not invading Ukraine. As we see Russia lies always.

@CristiTanase17 @upser2004 @HowardADavid1 @WarMonitors One of the planes that had contact with the house was in Siberia. I doubt Ukraine AA can't fire that far. The second one was also somewhere in the middle of hell called Russia.

@CristiTanase17 @upser2004 @HowardADavid1 @WarMonitors I believe that Ukraine doesn't need the ghost of Kyiv, seems like their planes fly to houses even without any help.

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