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Russia's mass mobilisation of troops in Ukraine has created the biggest labour shortage in the country since 1993 and worsened long-term demographic trends

Nato plans to increase shipments of power generators, clothing and other non-lethal items to Ukraine, says Jens Stoltenberg, chief of the alliance

Russia has responded to Ukraine鈥檚 president Volodymyr Zelenskyy鈥檚 peace conditions with a wave of missile attacks on Kyiv and other cities

Ukraine鈥檚 reconstruction effort could cost upwards of $1tn. That would be about six times the real-terms size of the US Marshall Plan for Europe after the second world war

Russia and Ukraine are close to extending a deal to secure Kyiv鈥檚 grain exports, a crucial step to alleviating a global food crisis triggered by the invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine鈥檚 president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has outlined his conditions for a peace settlement to end the war with Russia, pushing back against some western suggestions that Kyiv should compromise with Moscow over its borders

CIA director Bill Burns has warned Russia against the use of nuclear weapons. US officials had expressed concerns that Putin could use a tactical nuclear weapon on the battlefield in Ukraine

Ukraine鈥檚 President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Kherson on Monday, celebrating the southern city鈥檚 recapture days after the retreat of Russian forces

Blackouts have plunged Ukraine's workplaces into darkness and forced factories to curb production after Russian troops damaged power supplies

Vladimir Putin has decided to skip this week's G20 meeting in Bali, but his war against Ukraine 鈥 and the myriad global crises it sparked 鈥 will still dominate proceedings

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