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@matthew_petti @irananalysis And the absurdity of all this is that Ukraine was previously on good terms with Iran: it was a leading black knight economy facilitating sanctions busting for Iran. And yet Iran decided to murder Ukrainians: all to posture as an anti American power. The IRI is thus irrational.

@matthew_petti @irananalysis Indeed. Yes the US - in the Trump era - moved the goal posts. But Ukraine was a game changer for Europe. And Iran has moved the goal posts too by facilitating attacks on Europe (Ukraine) & stepping up terrorism within EU states (exactly what the EU said wouldn鈥檛 happen).

@MaxAbrahms The test is the counter factual: it would have been worse under Trump. Trump would have refused to assist Ukraine & at least half of Western Ukraine would now be under Russian occupation.

@BH_Friedman All manufacturing must be moved to Taiwan and Western Ukraine to ensure we do the right thing

I can understand why for reasons of self interest Ukraine wants Iran鈥檚 World Cup slot but excluding Iran from the World Cup will actively hurt pro-democracy protesters - every previous World Cup has seen pro democracy protests. https://t.co/cVTRREWz9L

@BH_Friedman @AlexMStark @EmmaMAshford I鈥檇 go so far as to say the efficacy of spheres of influence precludes the need for formal imperialism. Much of understanding what happened in Ukraine is that Russia鈥檚 sphere of influence broke down. That鈥檚 relatively rare.

@gbrew24 Russia invading Ukraine is conventionally understood imperialism but if Iran or Turkey funnelling arms and/or money to clients is imperialism then literally every state in MENA is either a victim or perpetrator of imperialism if not both simultaneously.

@dhnexon @matthew_petti I think many Dems believe that the dynamics of the GWOT are bad for democracy & good for racism, within America. And that Ukraine is the opposite (hence the confusion about it being a war 鈥渇or鈥 democracy.)

@dhnexon @matthew_petti Not all, lots China hawks see Russia as precedent or test run (Taiwan) or think Russia & China are connected. As for MENA most of the Dems want to pivot from MENA & the GWOT, they see it as a failure & with -ve domestic consequences; but Ukraine has +ve domestic consequences.

@matthew_petti And because of the war, the EU has committed to historic developmental funding of Ukraine that will push the economic structure & GDP per capita of western & central Ukraine definitively & irreversibly away from that of Russia, towards that of the EU, specifically the Baltics.

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