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I go to the places I write about https://t.me/Reality_Theories
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Having seen a bus like this burned out, dead bodies inside, on September 22, I asked this driver about whether he fears for his safety & thinks things might change now (re Ukraine's shelling of civilian areas). https://t.co/tRq6fHio4q

@sordo44 There are 327 children on Ukraine's kill list, many of them from the Donbass. Even a 9 year old girl...

@sordo44 Thanks Carl (and all). Re Canada knowing about Ukraine's kill list, definitely the govt does. The govt's media mouthpiece, CBC, did a (shoddy) smear on me drawing directly from Ukraine's kill list entry on me: https://t.co/lCHrJk1J0l

This aft I went out to speak w people on the streets in Donetsk about their opinions on officially joining Russia. Very positive, contrary to Western pundits' arrogant opinions I'm subtitling now & will publish asap Also, Ukraine resumed bombing Donetsk, last blast 30 sec ago.

Well, this explains a lot馃檮 Ironically, those behind/supporting these lists are supporting actual Nazis & fascists & genocide-deniers in Ukraine. https://t.co/aTi6UwPMl4

While some in the west pontificate on whether the referendum here was legit, let's remove the academic filter & remember that people here face death daily, & have for 8+ years of Ukraine's shelling of civilian areas. https://t.co/zAFre5ZBDM

The republics don't care what Canada or other Nazi-supporters say or recognize. Canada's support is $1 billion to Ukraine, including Azov Nazis. https://t.co/jWtC3ZwQN8 Keep virtue signalling, twerp.

@mattypark2 @stop_putin123 Thanks for speaking on my behalf. No, I'm still in Donetsk. Ukraine is still bombing civilian areas of Donetsk & other cities. That's why I first came here in 2019, that's why I'm here now. The referendum was a bonus.

@CheburekiMan I know. I just retweeted to show the mentality of those who support Ukraine ardently, not the troll/NATO accounts, but real people who likewise say such garbage.

[I'd met Vadim in August, after Ukraine repeatedly bombed central Donetsk, including just outside the theatre. He spoke to me about the 11 year old ballerina killed in the bombings, & her grandmother & ballet teacher.] https://t.co/IelzR5VKol

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