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Two Russian BMP-2s and an ammunition dump destroyed by the artillery of Ukraine's 59th brigade.

On 1 July, the battle of Zmiinyi Island ended with Ukraine's victory. Control of the island played a major part in the ongoing Russian sea blockade of the Ukrainian ports. However, the Russian naval blockade has still not ended

They demanded he shout "Glory to Russia!". He answered "Glory to Ukraine!". His tortured corpse was found days later. Our dispatch from Trostianets, a sleepy city recovering from the consequences of Russian occupation

In Ukraine, 152,360 explosive items incl 1,998 aerial bombs were defused on the area of 63,362 ha since Feb 24 - 馃嚭馃嚘Emergency Service

Russian soldiers who briefly occupied Trostianets put looting on an industrial scale, with convoys of stolen cars carrying away stolen goods, and killed and tortured a man when he glorified Ukraine instead of Russia, as the occupiers demanded

UK govt introduces new sanctions on Belarus as "the Lukashenko regime continues to actively facilitate Putin鈥檚 illegal invasion of Ukraine" The measures include a ban on the export of oil refining goods, technology, and luxury goods.

Pope Francis plans to visit Moscow and Kyiv - Reuters The pontifex told Reuters that he's on track to visit Canada this month, then he hopes to go to Russia and Ukraine "as soon as possible".

Ukraine's General Staff shared photos and a video of HIMARS multiple-rocket launchers working at Russian targets in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The fundraiser hit the target only in 3 days as Lithuanians raised 鈧5mn, later the manufacturer of Baykartars - Baykar - said that it would give Lithuania its TB2 drone for free, so the collected funds were spent for ammo and to other support to Ukraine.

The Bayraktar TB2 strike drone crowdfunded by Lithuanians for Ukraine has been delivered to Lithuania and will soon head to Ukraine

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