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@GGabrielsquared @JosBtrigga @IlhanMN @elonmusk A billionaire's goal is to only profit for themselves, Elon Musk could not care about Ukraine at the slightest. Also, the one blocking the peace is the one who committed the invasion.

@GGabrielsquared @JosBtrigga @IlhanMN Well if you don't want to arm 'Nazis' then Russia needs to leave Ukraine. No one gets arms then.

@GGabrielsquared @JosBtrigga @IlhanMN So if Ukraine is doing that, why do you support Russia for doing the same thing? Lmao. I don't want to arm Nazis, I want you to stop deluding yourself into thinking Russia is a good force. Not the first time they've invaded another country yet here we are you justifying it.

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