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@akafacehots @POTUS Add the horrendous withdrawal from Afghanistan-13 servicemen killed -Americans left behind enemy lines -Taliban seize millions of dollars worth of military equipment..the war in the Ukraine- billions of dollars you can not account for being sent - a complete nightmare 馃い

Wrap your brain around this #Biden is more worried about you owning a gas stove then he is about protecting our southern border and our air space. Yet he sends billions to the Ukraine to protect their borders and air space. #BidenWorstPresidentEver

@neverdems Russia would have not invaded Ukraine too. Trump exhibited strength- Biden is no doubt compromised.

@catturd2 The horrendous withdrawal from Afghanistan- was a green light how weak the Biden administration is and Putin invaded Ukraine. We basically traded one war for another.

@PTRUMPFORTX2020 I have a friend who still has family in the Ukraine- the money is not making it to the people who are In actual need. Reminds me of the teacher鈥檚 union- they use the money for political gain and it the money is not getting to the classroom.

@SpeakerMcCarthy @Jim_Jordan You have not inspired the majority of the Republican voters. This can not be a surprise-considering your past voting record and your allegiance to the #WEF -the endless money you send to the Ukraine and zero to protect our border. You have a lot of work to do to establish trust.

She is my Senator from #Minnesota absolutely in it for the NWO - liberal elites-pushing the climate agenda-no border security-critical race theory-endless money to the Ukraine-no voter ID - censorship- mandates- regulations on free speech -AWFUL 馃あ

@EndWokeness @LeCorsaire There is no way our country can endure this strain on our resources and at the same time have a blank checkbook going out to the Ukraine with no oversight. #BidenDestroysAmerica

@SenatorRomney CRT, LGBT programs, trillion to the Ukraine, no border security, millions to the media, buildings being named after politicians, millions to the FBI - including raises to Wrey, the DOJ - this is inflationary.

@GOPChairwoman the #OmnibusSpendingBill basically rewards those that pushed the Biden leftist agenda. Wrey, Garland get raises, millions fir the media, CRT, open borders, Ukraine trillions more all on the backs of the American taxpayer.

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